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Change Management


The key to successful change, any change . . . is grounded in behavior.

Businesses are experiencing a fundamental transformation in how they operate. The pace of change continues to accelerate, and many of the people, technology, and required skills of tomorrow are unknown to us today. Continuous and concurrent change in business is no longer the exception, but an ongoing, ever-present challenge . . . a new way of thinking.

Measurements of success for change are as varied as the factors driving it, but virtually all change results can be linked to one overarching variable—human behavior.

ALULA’s deep focus on understanding how the science of behavior can improve change acceptance and adoption has helped clients become more agile and deliver a larger return on their company’s change investment.

For over 25 years, ALULA has helped clients solve their change challenges in these areas:

Business Model Implementation

Change in organizations is growing, not just in frequency, but in complexity. We often hear the only constant in business is change and that employees are change-weary. In this ever-changing business environment, the keys to success are resilience and the ability to provide clear direction about what’s changing, building new competencies, establishing clear boundaries and responsibilities, making the connections clear between results and what people do, and motivating people to perform at their best. No matter how big or small the business model changes, you need these elements in place to be a high-performing organization.

ALULA’s approach helps clients quickly develop the business-critical behaviors for high-performing organizations and overcomes the odds of failure that face many organizations when they change their business models.

Culture Change

Organizations often find culture change to be the most challenging part of any transformation. Changing culture requires new behaviors from leaders and employees that are often contrary to or misaligned with the existing culture. Culture is a pattern of behavior that gets encouraged or discouraged by people or by systems over time. In plain terms, it’s “how things are done around here.” Breaking those habits and instilling new ones is tough work.

ALULA’s mastery of behavior brings you scientifically proven ways to ensure you can activate and sustain the new culture while simultaneously discouraging previous cultural habits, which ensures a faster transformation and desired business results.

Digital Transformation

A company undergoing a digital transformation is completely changing the way its organization does business. The shift involves new technology, revised processes, and new management systems, and, most importantly, new employee behaviors. Data indicate it is one of the most complex and disruptive initiatives an organization can experience, so it’s not surprising that a large percentage of digital transformation initiatives struggle to gain traction or fail entirely. Why? Too much time and effort are spent on technology, processes, and systems and not on the human behaviors people need to adopt and/or change.

ALULA’s behavior-based approach focuses on each point in the process and technology interaction to understand what people need to do differently to work in a digitally transformed environment. Whether it’s behaviors needed for digital transparency, data integrity, or technological interactions, or those needed to lead the change and manage the new business systems, ALULA team members can help identify and reinforce the business-critical actions needed to drive success.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Finding the right business fit when two companies merge is difficult, but it’s what happens after Day 1 that is even harder. Studies estimate that 50–90% of mergers fail to deliver the financial results that they promised. There are factors that make merger integrations succeed—two, in particular. First, ensure that critical integration activities occur in an orderly, planful way. Second, properly lead people toward a vision for the future, and motivate them to perform the right recurring actions to make the two companies meld into one so there is no more “us” and “them.”

At ALULA, we work closely with you to understand the strengths and challenges of the merging organizations. We plan the integration strategy and work the plan to ensure you gain the desired synergies from the merger or acquisition. We also focus your leaders on business-critical behaviors—the important, few actions they need to take to achieve the merger’s anticipated results.

ALULA’s scientifically proven processes ensure that leaders are modeling and reinforcing the behaviors needed across the organization for success.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation includes planning and managing the various individual and organizational activities required to activate strategy and achieve results. Many carefully developed business strategies fail at the point of implementation. The exact cause of failure is typically attributed to one of three influences: poor translation, hesitant adaptation, or an inability to sustain the desired change over a practical period of time.

ALULA’s approach to helping clients achieve strategy implementation success is different in that it employs science-based, proven processes designed to uncover and address the individual and organizational behavioral challenges associated with successful strategy implementation.

Technology Implementation and Optimization

Implementing new technology is one of the most important—and most expensive—ventures any organization can undertake. Regardless of the size and scope of any business, optimally utilizing technology and ensuring adoption is essential to organizational operations, financial performance, and business success.

ALULA’s behavior-based approach is different from other methodologies. We have a science—behavioral science—that helps us cut through the thousands of behaviors performers do daily to focus on only three-to-five most important ones that get the rapid adoption and change you want from your technology implementation.

Who we are, what we do and how we do it at ALULA

Case Studies: change management

Post-Deal Culture Integration

For a health-environment-safety equipment manufacturer, ALULA helped a post-M&A integration exceed targeted results and develop the future CEO


  • Close the value gap threatened by the merged organization’s two diverse cultures while maintaining aggressive growth


  • Five-and-Five Integration tool and performance coaching enabled the organization to integrate and grow on time


  • Most successful merger in the client’s history
  • Financial targets exceeded
  • Future CEO prepared to sustain results

Case Studies: change management

Technology Implementation and Optimization

ALULA helped Fortune 10 petrochemical giant implement large-scale ERP to transform operations


  • Antiquated legacy systems and aging technology drove this global enterprise to implement ERP, but nearly 2,000 end-users needed to overcome their concerns and adopt the new system


  • ALULA “made it work and made it stick" over a three-year implementation, using behavioral methods that included a stakeholder survey, change readiness, end-user transition sessions, and action plans built on ALULA's DCOM® Model


  • The ERP system was successfully implemented, bringing new stability to processes, a high-performing, well-integrated team culture, and client satisfaction