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ALULA, formerly known as the Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG), is a management consultancy focused on understanding how human behavior influences business performance.

Harness the power of behavior science with ALULA's management consulting ALULA/CLG Uplifting Business Performance

ALULA continuously expands our understanding and experience in this specialized area and assists clients in harnessing the power of behavioral science to improve individual performance and business results. Unlike other consulting firms, ALULA works side-by-side with clients to design and deploy customized, situation-specific solutions anchored in behavior. From the C-suite to the factory floor, planning to implementation, and everywhere in between, we’re committed to supporting our clients wherever and whenever they need us.

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Our Story

Today, ALULA’s approach to powering strategy execution is stronger than ever. Our deep understanding of the science and principles of human behavior allows us to help organizations identify and improve business-critical behaviors that positively influence strategy execution and uplift business results.

We help organizations more efficiently and effectively implement change, enhance leadership capability, and improve performance. 

Our corporate headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with offices in Morgantown, West Virginia, Toronto, ON, Canada and Singapore. Our consultants support clients at locations around the world. 

In 2018, a change in name was determined to be beneficial based upon formal market research confirming the organization’s original name Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG) no longer effectively communicated our unique and respected professional offerings.  

In 1993, CLG was founded by Leslie Braksick, Ph.D. and Julie Smith, Ph.D., colleagues at West Virginia University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Development, Inc. The company was founded on the knowledge that behavioral science can have significant and lasting influence on corporate culture and business results. 

Within two years of its founding, CLG had grown from a handful of consultants based in Morgantown, West Virginia, to having employees and consultants throughout North America and select global locations. For the next two decades, CLG became a pioneering voice and authority in this area by applying the principles of behavioral science to real world business challenges for some of the largest companies in the world.

Our Purpose, Mission and Values


To inspire and accelerate the extraordinary growth of individuals and exceptional performance of business.


The mission of ALULA is to create trusted, supportive, and value-based business relationships. We do this by actively advancing our thought leadership, sharing honest, expert and original counsel, and taking action to ensure client success.


ALULA's company values

Our People

ALULA’s teams are a powerful combination of behavior analysts and business professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our team members are passionate about helping clients to make the changes necessary to achieve results.

Making The World A Better Place

ALULA provides employees with opportunities to volunteer for causes they are passionate about. Full-time employees are encouraged to take two paid days off per calendar year to volunteer for a non-profit organization. In addition, we support one service trip—for a group of up to three employees—every year, to make a difference at home or anywhere across the continental United States.

MARCH 2020
Featured Volunteer(s)

Good Food and Gratitude

In helping our community, the most valuable resource we can surrender is our time. With that in mind, four members of ALULA’s Pittsburgh team gave their time back to the community. Using the volunteer perks of ALULA’s benefits program, the team, including Chris Casasanta, Jamie Berdine, and team leader, Bridget Russell prepared lunch for the residents of Pittsburgh’s Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House provides room and board, free of charge, for families with children undergoing serious medical treatment at Pittsburgh-based hospitals. The charity also tries its best to provide for all the needs of a family going through such trying times, but because of the non-profit nature of the organization, the operators of the House are not always able to offer the homecooked meals they’d like to provide for their guests. This is where volunteers like the ALULA Pittsburgh Team are key.

Though there are many roles a volunteer can play while at the Ronald McDonald house, the team chose to cook a homemade meal for the residents. After receiving a tour of the House and the specialty apartments therein, the ALULA team prepared a buffet-style meal for around 40 people. There were homemade sloppy joes, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, and brownies. Not only did the volunteer’s efforts feed the families at lunch, but the leftovers were reserved for that evening, or another night, perhaps when there were no volunteers present to prepare a fresh meal.

One team member in particular, Bridget, had volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house before, and is a big fan of all the good the organization does. She noted that, while cooking and serving, it was very common for families to pop in and greet the volunteers. “It never fails to surprise me just how appreciative those parents could be,” Bridget said when asked what she most enjoyed about her volunteering experience. They would often discuss the reasons for their stay; One family told of their child’s heart transplant and were grateful the meal was suitable for their child’s cardiac diet. Gratitude like that is often the best gift of all, but in these difficult circumstances, Bridget had said that their positive feedback can “…make your heart full, but also hurt. It’s bittersweet.”

December 2019
Featured Volunteer(s)

Kelly McLean

With corporate life expanding into an increasingly global market, it’s always rewarding to help those close to home. At ALULA, we hope to not only make a positive impact on the cultures of our clients, but on our communities as well. For example, our benefits program offers time available specifically for volunteering, and ALULA employees enjoy utilizing this time to give back.

One ALULA employee taking full advantage of this altruistic benefit is Kelly McLean. Kelly recently used some of her volunteer time at Lexington Club of Vero Beach, home to a senior living community of nearly 60 people. The citizens of Lexington Club live comfortably, often on tight budgets.

Working with Lexington Club’s own Volunteer Activities Coordinator, Kelly volunteered her time and experience as a photographer. During their Valentine’s Day Luncheon, Kelly assembled her own photography equipment and props to take portrait photos of any interested Lexington Club residents. In most cases, these Lexingtonians live miles away from their families, and the prospect of sending those families a high-quality photograph was more than enough to brighten their day! At a time in life when the hectic schedules of working and raising children give way to a quieter and slower pace and what was once a full calendar of social events may not be as full anymore, Kelly gave these fine folks a fun reason to get dressed up and attend the luncheon. Her caring attention, positive energy, and kindness were welcomed by all she interacted with.

Since the luncheon, Kelly has been back to Lexington Club to assist the staff in pet nail trims, among other things.

From taking snapshots, to herding cats, Kelly has demonstrated precisely why ALULA’s employees are so great. In giving back to her community, she has demonstrated that, even though we may think and operate on a global scale, it’s the little moments, the ones closest to home, that bring out the best in us.