Alula: A CLG Company

Over 25 Years of Uplifting Business Performance

ALULA, formerly known as the Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG), is a management consultancy focused on understanding how human behavior influences business performance.

ALULA continuously expands our understanding and experience in this specialized area and assists clients in harnessing the power of behavioral science to improve individual performance and business results. Unlike other consulting firms, ALULA works side-by-side with clients to design and deploy customized, situation-specific solutions anchored in behavior. From the C-suite to the factory floor, planning to implementation, and everywhere in between, we’re committed to supporting our clients wherever and whenever they need us.

Our Story

Today, ALULA’s approach to powering strategy execution is stronger than ever. Our deep understanding of the science and principles of human behavior allows us to help organizations identify and improve business-critical behaviors that positively influence strategy execution and uplift business results.

We help organizations more efficiently and effectively implement change, enhance leadership capability, and improve performance. 

Our corporate headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with offices in Morgantown, West Virginia, Toronto, ON, Canada and Singapore. Our consultants support clients at locations around the world. 

In 1993, CLG was founded by Leslie Braksick, Ph.D. and Julie Smith, Ph.D., colleagues at West Virginia University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Development, Inc. The company was founded on the knowledge that behavioral science can have significant and lasting influence on corporate culture and business results. 

Within two years of its founding, CLG had grown from a handful of consultants based in Morgantown, West Virginia, to having employees and consultants throughout North America and select global locations. For the next two decades, CLG became a pioneering voice and authority in this area by applying the principles of behavioral science to real world business challenges for some of the largest companies in the world. 

 In 2018, a change in name was determined to be beneficial based upon formal market research confirming the organization’s original name Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG) no longer effectively communicated our unique and respected professional offerings.