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Foolproof your return-to-office plan and keep your top talent

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Webinar Recording Now Available

Presenter: Anh Vo, M.A., ACC, Senior Principal

Who/Where: Association of Change Management Professionals of Northern California (ACMP NorCal)

Details: Presented and recorded August 19, 2021, 60 Minutes

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About the presentation

In conversations about return-to-office (RTO) plans, we’re hearing about a possible increase in resignations if workers are forced back to the office. As a result, many organizations are planning for a new “Hybrid Model.” This is an attempt to balance what workers are asking, to retain top talent, and to meet the need for some roles to be face-to-face.

As organizations prepare for a safe RTO and implement their hybrid models, they must constantly analyze, communicate, and lead the organization through this change – while weighing the risks, implementing safety protocols, plus staying up-to-date on medical developments and guidelines. It’s a lot to consider. Implementing a new model under these ever-changing conditions can mean huge change for the organization. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some companies overlook the importance of early alignment on this transition.

How can you foolproof your plans for a safe RTO and retain your top talent?

There are a few critical things to consider incorporating that can make or break your plan.

In this session, we share three must-do things to foolproof a smooth transition that creates equitable opportunities to engage and evaluate employees working in-office and those working remotely, as well as determine early if the RTO model is working.

In this session we share a behavior-based model to determine how your organization can:

  • Ensure equitable opportunities for engagement for both remote and in-office employees
  • Execute Performance evaluations that are equitable, especially if there aren’t opportunities to observe or interact regularly or casually in a virtual environment
  • Prepare leaders with feedback to show if the RTO model is working for their organization

Incorporating this information into the communication plan early as organizations roll out the RTO/Hybrid Model will increase alignment and trust, in turn, increase engagement and retention.

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