Alula: A CLG Company

John Dale

Managing Director

John Dale has three decades of experience partnering with and advising executives on large-scale transformation efforts. He is renowned for helping leaders translate business strategy and performance aspirations into meaningful, sustained results. He knows first-hand that leadership alignment and preparing the people responsible for driving change are critical to its success.

John uses an integrated transformation approach – focused on strategy, process, and business-critical behaviors – that has earned him acclaim for his ability to get measurable results. In his work with a global energy company, John closely collaborated with senior leadership to consider the strategic and cultural implications of their approach to lower carbon. With John’s help, the company transformed its culture from a silo/functional focus to an agile, collaborative, and high-performance enterprise.

As a founding member of ALULA, John’s background in industrial engineering and applied behavioral science, gives him the unique ability to build bridges between the human side of the business and technologies, the former of which he believes is arguably more complex.